Approved Policies
Updated 1/21/10

January 2010

Teams will continue to have the option to request one Saturday and one Sunday as non-play days each season. Should a team be informed of their acceptance into a tournament subsequent to submitting a schedule request form, but prior to the pubic release of the schedule, teams may request a schedule adjustment as follows:
      1.     The team will contact the League office via email and phone to request a change to their previously request byes.
      2.     Team will provide pertinent information such as the tournament play dates as well as the dates of the originally requested byes.
      3.     The originally submitted byes will be voided. The scheduling request will be updated to reflect the new dates.
      4.     Each team will be entitled to only one such request per season (Saturday and Sunday).
This is for USYS-sanctioned tournaments ONLY.
Fall 2007
Any WAGS team should be permitted and granted one Sunday scheduling request per season providing the club has sufficient Saturday fields when the request is made. 
The membership has voted to delete the Tournament Request Policy as well as the Time Hi/Lo Requests.
Teams will now be permitted to request one (1) Sunday and one (1) Saturday off during the league season.
Spring 2006
U-18/U-19 teams will play a seven (7) game schedule in the spring season. The season will be completed prior to Memorial Day. 
Fall 2006
U-9 through U-10
If, due to inclement weather, the game is stopped by the refereeprior to half time, the game must be replayed in its entirety. If the second half of the game has begun, the score will stand and the game will be considered completed.
U-11 through U-19
If, due to inclement weather, the game is stopped by the referee, the game must be replayed in its entirety regardless of the time stoppage.
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