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    U11 Division J
    . A3 Comets
    . ALSC Alliance SC Arsenal - Gray
    . CALV Strikers
    . DAA Dynamite
    . MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors)
    . MSC Academy 01 Green
    . MUFC North 01 White
    . SEVP Black Thunder
    . SMU Blaze
    . TSC Furia Roja
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  • MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) Schedule

    April 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    11603 Sun Apr 7 1:30 pm ALSC Alliance SC Arsenal - Gray vs MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) Rivers Edge Farm #2
    11609 Sun Apr 14 4:30 pm MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) vs SMU Blaze Maryland SoccerPlex #20a
    11612 Sun Apr 21 2:00 pm MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) vs A3 Comets Maryland SoccerPlex #20a
    11617 Sun Apr 28 3:30 pm TSC Furia Roja vs MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) Huntington Park Field A
    May 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    11623 Sun May 5 6:30 pm MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) vs MUFC North 01 White Maryland SoccerPlex #20a
    11641 Sat May 11 9:30 am DAA Dynamite vs MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) Davidsonville Park Field E
    11629 Sun May 12 2:00 pm MSC Academy 01 Green vs MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) Maryland SoccerPlex #20a
    11635 Sun May 19 6:30 pm MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) vs SEVP Black Thunder Maryland SoccerPlex #20a
    June 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    11636 Sun Jun 2 12:00 pm CALV Strikers vs MRM Rush '01G (aka Warriors) Supplee #2
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