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    U10 Division P
    . ARL Sol Blue
    . BETH Bethesda Academy 03 Blue
    . BRYC 03 Elite White
    . DCST Metros Gold '03
    . FSC Firestorm Red
    . OLNY Power
    . POT Purple
    . WSC CASA 03
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    September 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    10901 Sun Sep 8 1:30 pm ARL Sol Blue vs BETH Bethesda Academy 03 Blue Long Bridge Park #3A
    10905 Sun Sep 15 3:00 pm ARL Sol Blue vs BRYC 03 Elite White Fields Park
    10911 Sun Sep 22 12:00 pm OLNY Power vs ARL Sol Blue OBGC Community Park #1A
    10913 Sun Sep 29 1:30 pm ARL Sol Blue vs DCST Metros Gold '03 Long Bridge Park #3A
    October 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    10920 Sun Oct 6 1:30 pm WSC CASA 03 vs ARL Sol Blue Maryland SoccerPlex #3a
    10923 Sun Oct 20 12:00 pm POT Purple vs ARL Sol Blue Muldoons Farm #5
    10925 Sun Oct 27 1:00 pm FSC Firestorm Red vs ARL Sol Blue Oklahoma Road MS Lower
    November 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    10932 Sun Nov 3 5:00 pm BRYC 03 Elite White vs ARL Sol Blue Robinson HS - Upper Turf SS1
    10933 Sun Nov 10 12:00 pm ARL Sol Blue vs FSC Firestorm Red Long Bridge Park #3A
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