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    U09 Division J
    . DCST Metros Gold 04
    . FPYC Gold Fury
    . GSC Premier White 04
    . LOUD 04G White
    . MCLN Ajax Gold
    . SYC Phoenix Purple
    . WIN Winchester United 04G
    . WSC CASA 04 Royal

    LOUD 04G White Schedule

    September 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    10236 Sat Sep 7 4:30 pm WIN Winchester United 04G vs LOUD 04G White Sherando #7 small
    10203 Sun Sep 8 12:00 pm LOUD 04G White vs MCLN Ajax Gold Byrnes Ridge #4
    10207 Sun Sep 15 12:00 pm LOUD 04G White vs SYC Phoenix Purple Ray Muth Park #3
    10212 Sun Sep 22 3:00 pm WSC CASA 04 Royal vs LOUD 04G White Maryland SoccerPlex #9b
    10213 Sun Sep 29 10:00 am DCST Metros Gold 04 vs LOUD 04G White Palisades
    October 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    10217 Sun Oct 6 3:00 pm FPYC Gold Fury vs LOUD 04G White Green Acres Center Field 1
    10221 Sun Oct 20 1:30 pm LOUD 04G White vs GSC Premier White 04 Byrnes Ridge #4
    10228 Sun Oct 27 3:30 pm LOUD 04G White vs WSC CASA 04 Royal Byrnes Ridge #4
    November 2013
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    10230 Sun Nov 3 1:30 pm LOUD 04G White vs WIN Winchester United 04G Byrnes Ridge #4
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