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  • WAGS Fall 2015 Club Teams
    U10 Division K W0564 CYA 05G Black
    U11 Division W W0410 CYA '04G Black
    U11 Division W W0472 CYA 04G Gold
    U12 Division O W0398 CYA '03 Gold
    U13 Division 4 W0285 CYA Lightning Gold
    U14 Division 4 W0123 CYA SR United
    U16 Division 5 W9979 CYA Venom
    U18 Division 3 W9757 CYA Adrenaline
    WAGS Spring 2015 Club Teams
    U09 Division K W0537 CYA '05G Gold
    U09 Division K W0536 CYA '05G Purple
    U10 Division D W0454 CYA '04G Purple
    U10 Division D W0410 CYA '04G Black
    U11 Division G W0360 CYA '03 Purple
    U12 Division 5A W0285 CYA Lightning Gold
    U13 Division 1 W0162 CYA Cougars '01
    U13 Division 1 W0169 CYA 01 Surge
    U13 Division 5B W0123 CYA SR United
    U14 High School Sit-out W2087 CYA Santos
    U15 Division 3 W9936 CYA '99 Purple
    U17 Division 2 W9757 CYA Adrenaline
      Club Field Directions
    Fred Crabtree Greenbriar Park 5 Lee District Park #4 Left
    Oakton HS 60 #2 (lower) Poplar Tree Park #2 Sully Highlands 1A
    Sully Highlands 1B Sully Highlands 2 Westfield HS Turf
      Club Contact Information
    WAGS Club Rep
      Paul Barboza 
      (H) 703-435-0944 
     (C) 703-472-8909 
      Mark Smith 
      (H) 703-598-3135 
     (C) 703-598-3135 
    Field Coordinator
      Phil Yanchulis 
      (H) 703-715-1085 
     (C) 703-789-2087 
    Referee Assignor
      Alan Liotta 

     (C) 703-789-6457 
    Director of Coaching
      Oscar Feliu 

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