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  • WAGS Fall 2014 Club Teams
    U09 Girls W0535 LOUD 05G White
    U10 Girls W0452 LOUD 04G White
    U11 Girls W0309 LOUD 03G Black
    U11 Girls W0311 LOUD 03G White
    U12 Girls W0283 LOUD 02G Black
    U12 Girls W0218 LOUD 02G White
    U13 Girls W0133 LOUD 01G Black
    U13 Girls W0113 LOUD 01G White
    U14 Girls W2023 LOUD 00G Black
    U14 Girls W2008 LOUD 00G Silver
    U14 Girls W2021 LOUD 00G White
    U15 Girls W9941 LOUD 99G Black
    U16 Girls W9833 LOUD 98G Black
    U17 Girls W9714 LOUD 97G Black
    WAGS Spring 2014 Club Teams
    U09 Division J W0452 LOUD 04G White
    U10 Division J W0311 LOUD 03G White
    U11 Division X W0283 LOUD 02G Black
    U11 Division G W0218 LOUD 02G White
    U12 Division 4 W0133 LOUD 01G Black
    U12 Division 5B W0113 LOUD 01G White
    U13 Division 3 W2023 LOUD 00G Black
    U13 Division 5J W2008 LOUD 00G Silver
    U13 Division 4 White W2021 LOUD 00G White
    U14 Division 5 W9941 LOUD 99G Black
    U15 Division 5 White W9813 LOUD 98G White
    U15 Division 5 Green W9833 LOUD 98G Black
    U16 Division 3 W9714 LOUD 97G Black
    U16 Division 5 White W9785A LOUD 97G White
    U17 Division 4 W9620 LOUD 96G Black
      Field Directions
    Bull Run Park #2 Byrnes Ridge #4 Byrnes Ridge #5
    Byrnes Ridge #6 Freedom Park (Loudoun) Ida Lee Park #1
    Lucketts Park Lyndora # 1 Phil Bolen Park #12
    Phil Bolen Park #13 Phil Bolen Park #14 Ray Muth Park #1
    Ray Muth Park #3

      Contact Information
      Tom Thomas pres@loudounsoccer.com 

     (C) 703-625-9439 
      Rob Russell Rob.Russell@loudounsoccer.com 

    Director of Coaching-Travel
      Mark Ryan traveldirector@loudounsoccer.com 
      (H) 571-212-9209 
     (C) 571-212-9209 
    Other Club Official
      Fiona Legg tpm@loudounsoccer.com 
     (W) 703-777-9977   (C) 703-346-4890 
    Field Coordinator
      Caroline Deutsch Caroline@loudounsoccer.com 
      (H) 703-729-5339 
     (C) 571-225-3921 
    WAGS Club Rep
      Liz Battiston wagsrep@loudounsoccer.com 
      (H) 703-737-7763 
     (C) 703-932-8745 
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